Welcome To Grafluxe

My name is Leandro Silva and I'm a solutions architect. Whether you need a site designed, an application developed, or a logo created, my goal is to make your project a reality.

Learn more about me and feel free to reach out with any inquiries.

Notable Projects

Reebok Sum/Spr '13 T-Shirts
Olakei Dessert Bar Logo
Eight 8 Eight Logo
Reebok Fall/Win '13 T-Shirts
Creative Automation Tool App

Latest open source releases:

Confirm Branch Cli

A tiny CLI utility to confirm that you're in the expected git branch.

Git Workflow

A git workflow that's tightly based on the "feature branch workflow" model and pragmatic Continuous Integration practices.

Git To Changelog

A simple no-frills CLI tool to create a changelog file based on git commits.

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